Saturday, 26 January 2013

Sun Over South Leeds

When the sun shines down over Beeston
you'd mistake it for being a nice place
All the tramps on the bench have a less foisty stench
and the gangs have a smile on their face

And when the sun reflects off the whorehouse
and over the woods beyond
You can stroll up the path where used needles are stashed
right up to Middleton pond

And the pavements all glitter with diamonds
or so it seems when it's bright and it's quiet
Though on closer inspection it's just the reflection
of glass from the previous night's riot

And the muggers all bask in the sunlight
as it streams through the trees in the park
And they gather like vultures round burnt out car sculptures
til it's time to start work after dark

And there's plenty to see here in Beeston
we've got no castles or forts
But we've a house that was actually a terrorist bomb factory
and it was a tourist attraction of sorts

So when planning your next summer holiday
say no to Italy or France
Avoid all the sunspots follow the gunshots
give sunny Beeston a chance

by Dave Barlow

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